Window Cleaning Trends To Look Out For In 2020

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Window Cleaning Tips / February 28, 2020

Maintenance of exteriors of buildings is one of the most important portions of creating a productive and hygienic environment. Commercial window cleaning has come a long way from just using ladders and soap. The men carrying out exterior window cleaning are brave and highly trained professionals in their line of work. Automation and use of high tech equipment and detergents is the need for focus for high rise buildings and skyscrapers.

Below are a few trends which industry experts say will be different & in trend for 2020

Investment In Better Types Of Equipment

A minute saved on one window glass equals hours saved working on a tall building that has over 1000 windows. To achieve the best results, the equipment used should be of apex quality and do the same job efficiently every time. Therefore investing in innovative high-tech equipment reduces time spent which equates to an increase in earnings every week. At Richview window cleaning we expect to invest in better and newest kinds of equipment to be a trend in 2020.

Mechanization Of Customer Service

Smart customer service systems deliver a quick and timely response to customers. Such systems guarantee efficiency, quality, and consistency every time; which means more time delivering results less time spent on the phone! It makes it easier for the customer to pay their invoices through debit, credit or by installments. Besides this, the customer is also notified of upcoming appointments with the agent’s name and service personnel details, etc.

Flexible Payment Options

The biggest problem faced by commercial window cleaning businesses is that pricing is not profitable. Consumers expect bargains and the competition around are stiff. Creating a flexible payment or repayment options makes consumers comfortable and provides them with easy payment plans and options.

Clean & Green

With the rapid climate change, many consumers prefer the green trend which has commercialized in recent years. This trend will continue to raise with the rapid climate changes our planet faces. People are becoming more aware and make responsible decisions for making a better choice while selecting chemicals that cause harm to nature or the environment. Manufacturing companies have in turn started to release products that have little to no harm to the environment and are approved by government agencies.

Specialty Cleaning

Specialty cleaning includes cleaning of windows, floors, carpets, etc. It requires the use of complicated equipment and requires a very highly trained workforce.

Use Of Cleaning Drones & Robots

Many companies already use drones to clean tall glass window buildings. We expect to see the use of drones more frequently over the coming year as buildings get even higher causing the use of men to do this work to be at extremely high risk. Using drones and robots avoids the use of men risking their lives. This segment of the industry is relatively new and we at Richview window cleaning expect it to grow rapidly this year. The above window cleaning trends will surely play a big role in shaping this industry’s future. You need to take a look into these trends to stay at par with the ever-changing industry and always evolve with the competition. There are many solutions for you to go ahead with and decision making can be a daunting task.

 We at Richview window cleaning suggest you speak to our commercial window cleaning experts today for the best guidance.